Be featured in an upcoming FP insight Awareness Day campaign!

About FP insight:
In June 2021, Knowledge SUCCESS launched FP insight—the first resource discovery and curation tool built by and for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals. With more than 1,000 members from over 85 countries, FP insight helps FP/RH professionals find, save, organize and share their favorite online resources into folders called "collections". The resources in these FP insight collections then get shared across the FP insight newsfeeds for other professionals to discover and get inspiration for their FP/RH programs.

FP insight Awareness Day campaigns:
To highlight resources focused on key FP/RH technical areas, and to help further the body of knowledge on these topics, FP insight runs thematic email campaigns throughout the year that are connected to a series of international health awareness days. These campaigns feature 3 or more high-quality FP insight collections that are related to the theme of the awareness day and that are curated by FP/RH professionals on the platform.

Having your collection featured is a great opportunity to contribute to the FP/RH knowledge base and to strengthen your technical reputation on a topic in front of a large FP/RH audience!

How can I be featured in an upcoming campaign?
To participate, you simply have to create a qualifying FP insight collection and submit it to our FP insight team! Learn the criteria below:

  1.  To begin — you must have an FP insight account to participate. Sign-up for free here.
  2.  Once you have an account, you will begin by creating a new FP insight collection. Learn how here.
  3.  Your collection and the posts inside it must be related to one of the 8 recognized FP insight Awareness Days.
  4.  The posts in your collection do not have to be published by you or your organization (although these are also welcome.)
  5.  Collection requirements:
    •  Your collection must include a minimum of 10 posts related to your chosen topic.
    •  Your collection must include a title and description related to your topic. (Collections titled "First Name Last Name's Collection" will not be accepted.)
    • Your completed collection must be submitted (at the link here) a minimum of one week prior to your selected awareness day.
    • The content in your collection must adhere to FP insight's Community Guidelines.
    • View two examples of high-quality collections: here and here.

Find examples of past FP insight awareness day email campaigns:

Do you have any questions for us?
Please feel free to reach out to us at Additionally, for help in learning how to add posts, create collections, or navigate FP insight’s features, please visit our FP insight Virtual HelpDesk. Start your collection today at!

Next Upcoming Awareness Day:
Earth Day — please submit content by April 15.

Submit your completed FP insight collection for consideration by using the form below.